2019 Summer Events




1-7               Grand Lake Plein Air Arts of CO National Show


7-Aug. 30    Grand Lake Bingo in the Park (Fridays, 7:30)


7-Sept. 28   Opening Night of Rocky Mountain Repertory

Theater—Featuring 4 Shows This Season


8-9              Grand Lake Arts and Crafts Show


7-Aug. 23    Granby Friday Nights at the Lot/Cornhole



14,28           Granby Farmers Market (Fridays, 1-5:00)


20-Aug. 22  High Note Thursdays @Rendezvous Center


28-30          Winter Park Blues Festival



3                 Granby Family Bike Parade


3-Aug. 28    Fraser Picnic in the Park/Live Music--Tuesdays


4                  Fireworks Celebration at Winter Park,

Granby, & Grand Lake


6                 Granby Airport Fly-in/Pancake Breakfast


6-Aug. 17    High Country Stampede Rodeo—Saturdays


12, 26           Granby Farmers Market (Fridays, 1-5:00)


13-14            Winter Park Alpine Art Affair


13-14            Grand Lake 72nd Buffalo Days


20-21           Winter Park Jazz Festival


27                Grand Lake Classic Boat Show


27-28          Fraser Mountain Mural Festival




3                 Winter Park Beer Festival


3-4              Grand Lake Arts and Crafts Show


9                 Granby 2nd Annual High Rockies Car Show &

Cruise for the Cause


9-11             Winter Park Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend


15-19            Middle Park Fair/Rodeo & Demolition Derby


31                Country in the Park—Justin Lynch